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We are Marginal, a cultural non-profit organization from Romania. We function as a transdisciplinary collective aiming to support, promote and extend bridges between artists and various agents from other fields, with a focus on the humanities and the implications of sciences and technologies in socio-cultural structures.


Under this ideology, our Marginal purpose is weaving a collaborative network that brings together areas that that aren’t always associated with art (although they have been interdependent for a very long time / ie. science and technology) and the public, through a participatory approach challenges the current paradigm of the audience-spectator.


We enable change, by creating spaces where people are free to change. We believe in community and this is the foundation of everything we do. We dream of coming together from any and all fields through projects and programs oriented towards transdisciplinary research and art production through a mediumless approach, tackling the (in)delicate issues of our contemporary society.

Marginal strategy

is built upon three interdependent directions:
Support interdisciplined artists and develop instruments for social questioning and development, rooted in the cooperation between art, technology and science;
Develop a transdisciplinary infrastructure that promotes and empowers the new generations of artists and cultural agents
Expand the public and its active engagement in cultural production, research and dissemination.

Core team

Multimedia artist. Her work addresses issues related to identity mutation, objectification and exographic memory, rooted in the continuous connection between new and old technologies, between the digital and the analogue, orbiting silver-based, alternative and experimental photography and holography, respectively video and installation, while incorporating elements and concepts from science. She is currently engaged in a research on the history and appropriations of holographic technologies in performative and participatory practices. Within Marginal, she is the explorer of new paths for collaboration between scientific institutions and the arts, to lead to innovation and positive change.

Cultural manager, curator and artist. Starting from photography and expanding further into new media, he addresses societal contemporary issues related to how people navigate everyday life in relation with themselves, others, and their environment, both physical and digital. With a background in marketing research, sociology and visual studies, he relies on a transdisciplinary approach, at the border between art, social sciences, and technology, challenging the public to take a participatory stance. Strong believer in the active role art can play in shaping society, he develops Marginal as a platform for extending art into everyday aspects of life, to drive a step change in how we understand and confront current issues and challenges.

With all this in mind, we are continuously developing strong partnerships and are actively looking to expand our network. We’ll take the opportunity here to thank all contributing friends and partners who have been always close and helped us develop a little further each day.

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