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Financial support is key to developing our projects. We are actively and constantly looking for funding opportunities from public bodies, both in Romania and abroad. However, most funding comes with financial obligations on the side: we need to contribute 10% to 30% of the grant amount from internal sources while having to finance in advance between 30% and 50% of the grant value. Moreover, public funding has limitations as to what kind of investments we are allowed to make, mainly focusing on the short term.  


Your contribution will allow us to achieve the positive change we are working to create, both by exponentially increasing the number of projects we can run, and by allowing us to plan a long term development strategy.


Your support enables us to:

  • Provide excellence to our multi- inter- trans- disciplinary artistic program dedicated to young and emerging artists, at VAGon – In(ter)disciplined space, within Malmaison Studios
  • Empower our alternative education platform, building the next generation of people who believe that art can change the world.
  • Expand the public through cultural participation that encourages free access to culture for all
  • Enable the implementation of transdisciplinary production projects at the intersection of art, science & technology, developed by Romanian and international artists and scientists, bridging the gaps between fields and opening doors to new ideas, approaches and collaborations.

Choose the directions you wish to support and
grow together!


For individuals

There are two simple ways: 

  • you can donate any amount you see fit. Just send us an email to let us know you want to help and we will quickly guide you through this simple process
  • you can redirect 3.5% of your yearly income tax, by filling the D230 form (download locally and open with Acrobat Reader). Send it over to us by email at and we’ll do the rest! There is also the option to take the form personally to ANAF or send it to them by post, entirely up to you!

For companies

In Romania, the importance of NGOs is recognized and therefore grants have a tax exemption benefit of up to 20%. 

You can transfer the amount directly to our account based on a sponsorship contract (download draft in Romanian or bilingual) and deduct the amount from your company’s quarterly tax by submitting the D107 statement (download locally and open with Acrobat Reader). 

Alternatively, after your company’s quarterly statement, you can submit the D117 statement (download locally and open with Acrobat Reader) and we will later receive the funds from the National Agency of Fiscal Administration.

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