VAGon May 28, 2022

A Goodbye to Adolescence

Mara Oglakci’s first solo show takes the form of a participatory installation where the public becomes an active instrument of her farewell to 5 symbolic objects of her younger days.

  • Details

    Participatory installation

  • Artist

    Mara Oglakci

  • Team

    Curator: Sabina Suru, Producer: Andrei Tudose

Intimacy, which truly crystallises in adolescence, is the space in which we choose to receive other beings, objects, ideas, events, to which we connect our self and the emotions that form it. The closer these elements penetrate to the beginning of one’s adolescent individuation, the more intensely they remain present in who they become. There are those of us who keep objects for a long stretch of our lives as witnesses of that time, objects that act as reactivation buttons for emotions that we forget how to manifest later. Then there are those of us, like Mara Oglakci, who separate themselves from such objects, because detachment for them is not denial, but a form of deep acceptance of the truths validated by these objects, which remain alive even in the absence of these witnesses.

With gentleness and determination, Mara chose
5 objects
5 objects that embody essential moments of her adolescence, are
5 objects she chooses to part with, so that
5 objects you have found can become
5 non-objects that you have changed to your image and likeness, leaving
5 free spaces in her emotional territory.

By choosing these objects, Mara activated a gentle mechanism of separation that she did not wish to instrument on her own.
By bringing these objects to the table, Mara invited you to actively enter her ritual and intervene in the world and materiality of these objects, alter, recompose, destroy or transform them into something else.
Through the stories of the emotions and experiences loaded in these objects, Mara guided you through her inner circuit, to then let you decide, each for yourself, empathetic or not, how to mediate her separation from adolescence.

Mara Oglakci is a young artist from Bucharest. She is currently studying at the Multimedia department of the National University of Theatre and Film. Her projects arise as response to the questions she has about the world, explorations of both inner and outer spaces – structures rooted in nature, the connection between photography and fantasy, the study of body and movement, meditation, isolation. A strong concern of hers is privacy. She aims to create an environment through her works that establishes a personal relationship with the viewer. Recently, she is increasingly more interested in the intersection of different artistic practices and seeks to construct multidisciplinary works that engage the viewer and stimulate them in a visceral way.. 

  • Installation view, day 1, credit Mara Oglakci