The third edition of the Open Practice Society will focus scaling the program and implementing best practices from the previous editions by allowing the program alumni to become mentors themselves.

  • Details

    Collaborative multimedia & mentoring project

  • Period

    September-October 2023

  • Team

    Concept & artistic direction: Andrei Tudose; Fresh edition coordinators: Alin Uberti, Mara Oglakci; Program curator: Sabina Suru; PR & Communication: Anca Spiridon

  • Mentors

    Ada Anghel, Alex Pasca, Alin Uberti, Dennis Mihai, Ioana Patrascu, Mara Oglakci, Tamara Gageatu

  • Parteners

    VAGon, FacePlant; Financed by Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB

Register for free workshops:

2 years ago, we thought of trying a kind of mentoring project for young artists aged 16-20, within the Malmaison Workshops, to give courage and resources to young practitioners. You know, the young people who measure us in 3 seconds and dismantle our dusty paradigms with 3 words?

Well, that’s exactly what they did (plus some great work). And we fell in love with them!


Then we did another round earlier this year where we were joined by students of cinema and contemporary dance, and we fell in love once again! As such, we thought it was high time for a fresh structure, to mediate in an unmediated way functional experience exchanges between young people, somewhat transgenerational and as interdisciplinary as possible, in order to establish principles of good practice, a new collaboration network in the sector cultural and real opportunities for young people.


The Fresh Edition

Having said that, we are sooo happy to announce the third Open Practice Society edition (the fresh edition that is), activated by 7 alumni of the two previous editions and coordinated by 2 of these alumni! It will unfold in a relaxed and airy structure with lots of fun workshops run by young people for young people, at home aka VAGon and FacePlant, within the Malmaison Studios.



Creating and developing a language of physical movement > Ada Anghel

Experimental video > Alex Pașca

Experiential workshop debating the different ways of approaching lessons > Alin Uberti

Strengthening interpersonal relationships through movement > Dennis Mihai

Exploring organic forms through linocut > Ioana Pătrașcu
Creating stories based on collages made from altering postcards > Mara Oglakci

The influence of sound on movement > Tamara Găgeatu


The workshops are free for all young people in Bucharest (within the limit of available places) and we start registration on August 28. Keep an eye on and 


This round of the program will conclude with something of a party-thing event and, obviously, a pop-up show(s) at the Malmaison Studios during the weekend of October 21-22, 2023. 


Parteners: VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space, Faceplant, Malmaison Studios

Media parteners: Radio România Cultural, The Institute, BookHub, Igloo, IQads,, Revista Golan,

Project co-financed by Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB within the Bucharest acasă 2023 Program. For detailed information about the Bucharest City Hall funding program through ARCUB, you can visit