VAGon October 7, 2022

Shared Experience Lab

A laboratory-type event, the exhibition presents to the public a series of visual and sound objects resulted from transdisciplinary collaborations, respectively an informal podcast program with a focus on the international art & science scene.

  • Details

    Interactive objects (case study), podcast

  • Artists

    Floriama Candea, Sabina Suru, Catalin Cretu

  • Team

    Producer: Andrei Tudose, Programming: Cristian Balaș

  • Parteners

    Qolony, Ars Electronica Export, Simultan Festival, Rezidența9; Financed by the Ministry of Culture

Part of a program developed in order to facilitate transdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, the exhibition Shared experience Lab gathers in a laboratory-type event of collaborative practices and processes, a series of visual and sound objects by multimedia artists Floriama Candea, Sabina Suru & Andrei Tudose and Cătălin Crețu, created together with programmer Cristian Balaș.

They use technologies that have become commonplace, which we no longer pay any real attention to nowadays, but which have the ability to record data and make it visible in unexpected ways. Thus, these experiments map moments behind the scenes and decipher to the public the practices associated with the team’s current projects – from machine learning algorithms, chemical and biological processes, sensors that record physiological data, respectively sound generative algorithms, which fructify the artistic potential of data extracted from computational calculations.

The public can experience these technologies directly or can enter into a dialogue with the artists during a guided tour session, a dialogue about concrete examples of transdisciplinary approaches and collaborations that have materialised in the artistic projects that the artists have created over the last year, respectively a series of podcasts coordinated by Sabina Suru, including informal discussions with active professionals from the international art & science scene – Laura Welzenbach (Ars Electronica Export coordinator) in dialogue with Špela Petrič and Irakli Sabekia (artists selected in the ArtScience Residency 2022 program, organised by Ars Electronica x Deutsche Telekom), Mihaela Ghiță (science journalist and founder of Fusion:AIR) in dialogue with Bogdana Mitu (researcher at INFLPR – National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics) and Elena Badea (researcher at the National Institute of Research-Development for Textiles and Leather), Claudia Schnugg (independent curator) in dialogue with Floriama Candea and Andrei Tudose, respectively Suzana Dan (artist, founder of NAG and Rezidența9 manager) in dialogue with Sabina Suru.

The podcast program can be listened to here:


Floriama Cândea is a multimedia artist whose practice is based on several methods and techniques. In general, both her concepts and working processes use the aesthetics of scientific imagery and scientific research tools that can be converted into artistic practices – decellularization, biocompatible materials, chemical processes. Her works question how memory, cognition, perception and taxonomy are triggered as mechanisms in the subjective relationship between humans and the natural world, between reality and fiction.

Sabina Suru & Andrei Tudose work at the border between art, social sciences and technology. Sabina follows an objective approach to silver-based, alternative and experimental photography and holography, with a foundation in painting and multimedia, while Andrei has been active for many years in the field of numbers, sociology and marketing. Their projects address topics such as instrumented vision, surveillance, private vs public space, digital identity and objectification, through collaborations with practitioners from various fields such as scientific research, contemporary dance and music.

Cătălin Creţu has a double education – electromechanical engineer and musician. He has a rich creation that includes works in different genres, from chamber music, choral and symphonic opuses to electronic music, computer assisted music, installations, interactive multimedia works, etc. He has published specialised articles and studies and is a scientific researcher at the Center for Electroacoustic and Multimedia Music, as well as an associate teacher at the National University of Music in Bucharest, a member of the Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania and executive director of the InnerSound New Arts Festival.


 Shared Experience Lab project was developed in the framework of Qolony – Colony for Art and Science, in partnership with Ars Electronica Export, Simultan Festival, Rezidența9, VAGon – in(inter)disciplined space and Malmaison Studios, financed by the Romanian Ministry of Culture through the 2022 Access Program.