SoMe Festival

SoMe Festival is an alternative video festival experience, encouraging the public to explore the city through a treasure hunt in order to view the videos selected under the Inhabitat curatorial theme.

  • Details

    Augmented reality video art festiva l August-October 2023

  • Project team

    Concept & artistic direction: Andrei Tudose | AR Infrastructure: Augmented Space Agency | Visual artists: Tudor C. Popa, Sabina Suru and Mara Oglakci | Visual ID: Alexandra Costea | PR& Communication: Simona Radoi & Anca Maco | Selection team: Suzana Dan, Sabina Suru, Paul Dogioiu | Jury: To be announced

  • Partners

    VAGon, C22 Cafeteria, Augmented Space Agency; Financed by Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB

SoMe Festival is a project that generates transparent and exploratory dialogue, between the inhabitants of Bucharest and the national and international artistic community, with a focus on art & science / technology.

33 films, residing online (social media), gathered under the curatorial theme Inhabitat, will champion known and lesser known, even unknown, places within the city, where they will be physically displayed and played through augmented reality (AR).

We therefore invite you not to a cinema hall to question what would or would not be valid cinematically, but to a treasure hunt, through which we rediscover our city, gently testing the limits of the video medium and the possible impact of the online on relevant societal issues.


SoMe Festival Awards & Honorary Mentions:

As selected by the jury: Andrei Popov, Marc Solomon & Andrei Tudose

Let me fix you – Dasha Ilina

SoMe Award for Technology
French Institute Romania Honorary Mention for French Video

Ardeidae – Chiara Faggionato, Daniele Tucci, Corrado Chiatti

SoMe Award for Human Relationships

Night in gale – Gray Cake

SoMe Award for Environment

Ghosts – Cristian Eduard Drăgan

SoMe Award for videos dedicated to Bucharest

Selective Mutism – Stathis Roukas

Goethe-Institut Honorary Mention for German Video

POLE A – Collettivo GMRGP

Marginal Honorary Mention

SoMe Official Selection

Salome Vepkhadze, Ulizi, 2020, Georgia
Gioula Papadopoulou, AI made me do it, 2023, Greece
Josh Harle, No exceptions, 2022, Australia
Robert B. Lisek, FIELDS, 2022, Poland
Dasha Ilina, Let me fix you, 2022, France
Josh Harle, Embedded AR Critical theory, 2016, Australia
Mara Oglakci, Trance Lucid, 2021, Romania
Eluned Zoe Aiano, Beautiful and Strange and New, 2017, Germany
Alessia Borangic, De câteva săptămâni mă tot trezesc uitându-mă la pătura de la bunica, 2022, Romania
Cristian Eduard Dragan, Ghosts, 2022, Romania
MYK, STROMA, 2020, Russia
Misael Samano Vargas, Desnudo como los animales que me persiguen, 2022, Mexico
Stathis Roukas, Selective Mutism, 2022, Germany
Alex Pasca, Expand Your Database, 2022, Romania
Chiara Faggionato, Ardeidae, 2015, Germany
Brigitte Valobra & Wald, Urban Mantra 8, 2019, Spain
Aleksei Martyniuk, STAREWELL, 2022, Russia
Cesar Ulloa Cuellar, Monologos sobres mis padres, 2022, Peru
Yav, Bridge, 2022, Georgia
collettivo GMRGP, POLE A, 2022, Italy
Daria Pugachova, Microcosmos, 2021, Ukraine
Łukasz Horbów, Europe, 2018, Poland
Kintija Avena, Butter, 2022, Latvia
Joseph Franciosa, FoxKeeper, 2020, Germany
Lena Ciobanu, Malaise, 2020, Romania
Sandrine Daumier, From the place where light goes out, 2023, France
Ilya Martynov, SOS, 2021, Germany
Anna Alexanina, Cave under water, 2022, France
Jean-Michel Rolland, Affordance, 2020, France
Vitaly Yankovy, How to pet a contaminated water snail, 2022, Romania
Marta Ciolkowska, Bottlefield, 2019, Italy
Gray Cake, Night in gale, 2020, Armenia
Maria Borisenkova, Water, 2022, Russia

Lovingly selected by
Suzana Dan
Paul Dogioiu
Sabina Suru

Discover the 33 augmented video in 33 locations in Bucharest:

(or view the list directly on Google Maps)

Timeline and events:

Open call for locations in Bucharest > August 7-17, 2023

From art museum, contemporary art gallery or artist-run space, to schools and universities, libraries and theaters, institutes of all kinds and shapes, cafes and neighborhood shops, apartment building entrance or ice cream machine, we invite you to volunteer a corner of your space in Bucharest for 1 film (i.e. an A3 poster) and implicitly join the urban circuit of SoMe Festival.


International Open call for video works > August 7-17, 2023

Film/video of 1-5 minutes (ideal and recommended, but we accept up to max. 10 min), in non-world premiere- meaning you’ve waved them on social media in one way or another, whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, Youtube, or any other platform. 


Other lovely satellites

  • September 22 > Get-together for festival launch and making the map of the augmented spaces publicly known, at Cafeteria C22.
  • September 23 > Workshop scano-videography in public space with Sabina Suru 
  • September 30 > Workshop mobile videomaking in public space with Tudor C.Popa 
  • October 7+8 > Workshop videomaking in public space with Mara Oglakci
  • October 12   > Closing with aplomb at Goethe Institut + informal award gala of 4 films.


Andrei Tudose > artistic director 

Augmented Space Agency > AR infrastructure

Tudor C. Popa, Sabina Suru and Mara Oglakci > visual artists

Alexandra Costea > visual identity

PR & Communication > Simona Radoi & Anca Maco

The selection team and the jury are well-kept secrets for now, but we’ll surely announce them soon enough.


Parteners: Goethe Institute, French Institute of Romania in Bucharest, Austrian Cultural Forum, C22 Cafeteria, VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space

Media parteners: Radio România Cultural, Radio România București, Zile și nopți,, IQAds, Revista Atelierul, Curatorial, Munteanu

Project co-financed by Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB within the Bucharest acasă 2023 Program. For detailed information about the Bucharest City Hall funding program through ARCUB, you can visit

You can check out the SoMe Festival official guidelines for the competition here.