VAGon March 4, 2022

Souvenirs Anamorphiques

Multimedia interactive installation by French-Romanian artist Isa Balog, involving the participant in an immersive experience that combines new media, performance and optical theatre.

  • Details

    Multimedia installation for 1 person / 10 minutes

  • Artist

    Isa Balog

  • Team

    Actors: Isa Balog and Luci Rad, Programming: Daniel Kloyber and Morgan Daguenet, Video: Gabi Rosca and Js Verly, Sound: Anaïs Cabandé, Voice: Cédric Hingouët, Light: Attila Almási and Fabien Bossard, Scenography: Silviu Medeșan

  • Partners

    The French Institute in Romania

You enter the room which is in semi-darkness. A voice guides you, invites you to sit down. You look in the mirror. See the reflection and beyond it.

Souvenirs anamorphiques (Anamorphic Memories) questions the possibility of representing reality. Starting from a series of introspective images, the installation tries to recompose an objective vision of ordinary situations: to reflect the real with the multiple points of view that always exist simultaneously and that give rise to an infinity of interpretations.

Isa Balog has created a hybrid artistic work, in which he combines new media techniques with performance and optical theatre. An experience that unfolds progressively in three stages, the multimedia installation integrates the viewer giving them time and space to contemplate reality.


Isa Balog is a multidisciplinary artist, based in France. She has been exploring through different media the representation of realities that she calls floating. She graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca in 2007, and her first projects focused on the practice of drawing and painting. She gradually began to integrate the presence of the body in movement and to add a video dimension to her works.

Souvenirs anamorphiques it is the first of a cycle of works that explore the concept of the myth of the eternal return. Isa’s multimedia project was developed and produced with the support and collaboration of: Dicrèam CNC / Direction de la Culture -Rennes Métropole / French Institute / Centrul de Interes / A+Project Space / Béton Caverne / Ateliers du vent / Scopitone & Cie.

The performative exhibition was organised in partnership with Institut français de Roumanie à Bucarest.

More information on Souvenirs Anamorphiques project here

  • Isa Balog, Souvenirs Anamorphiques, perfomative installation, detail - photo Bogdan Botas

Isa Balog, Souvenirs Anamorphiques, video exceprt from the performance @VAGon – video Roald Aron